ICGlue — a Tcl-Library for scripted HDL generation


ICGlue consists of:

ICGlue I/O:

icglue concept

icglue Binary

The main tool for the user. It reads in a custom user-defined construction Tcl-script (see construct) and writes out the generated files in multiple files as defined by the templates.

For help on tool invocation run

icglue --help


man icglue

in case you have the ICGlue manpage in your man path.

icsng2icglue Conversion

Backwards compatibility tool. It reads in an icsng-file and writes out a compatible ICGlue script and converts the icsng-generated verilog-files for ICGlue. Not all features if icsng are supported.

For help on tool invocation run

icsng2icglue --help


man icsng2icglue

ICGlue library

The core library consists of:

For more details have a look into the source code or the generated doxygen documentation.


Templates are a combination of an init Tcl-script for template setup and a set of template-files within one template directory. For details have a look at templates.

icprep Binary

An additional binary using the ICGlue template engines for providing tool setups. It is also used for simulation setup in icglue tests. For a short introduction see ICPrep.